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Refusing To Spread The Lies (10/19/06)

Television stations are required by federal law to air all political commercials, regardless of their accuracy, as long as they're bought and paid for by specific federal candidates.

We don't, however, face the same restriction when the advertiser is a political party or political action committee.

On Thursday, WDRB received a request from Kentucky Senate Majority Leader Dan Kelly to stop airing a spot placed by the Kentucky Democratic Party, which claimed Republican 2nd District Representative Ron Lewis - and I quote - "lied when he put his hand on the Bible and took an oath to serve only three terms."

We responded by asking for substantiation of this claim from the Democrats. They were unable to provide any because apparently it wasn't true. At which point we yanked the spot.

The Democrats responded by saying we'd been "intimidated" by the Republicans and told us they'd spend their money on stations that weren't so spineless.

Well, if spinelessness is defined as refusing to air a lie when we know it's a lie, I'll plead guilty.

I don't mean to imply the Republicans' hands are completely clean in this regard. And if we ever catch them at it, our response will be the same.

I hope, with this incident, we've made our position clear. And I'd hope our colleagues would do the same.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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