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Make the Mudslingers Pay (10/31/06)

Make the Mudslingers Pay (10/31/06)

Last week, I explained why we pulled a commercial placed by the Democratic Party that made what we learned to be an untrue accusation about U.S. Congressional candidate Ron Lewis. We've since received several calls and e-mails asking why we continue to air many other spots that also make demonstrably false accusations.

Well, as I explained originally, federal law prohibits TV stations from refusing to air any political commercial -- however offensive or inaccurate -- as long as it's ordered and paid for directly by the candidate himself. Or herself. And unfortunately, while we share our viewers' disgust with many of the misleading, mudslinging spots that continue to run on our stations, most of them fit into that "untouchable" category.

If you think that's a ridiculous and hair-splitting distinction, you're right. But it's the law.

No one is more disgusted than I am about the depths to which political campaigning has sunk. But until there's a change in the rules we're stuck with holding our noses and running whichever commercials the candidates send our way.

So I can only suggest you react to this situation as I plan to:

Pay attention to who says what in all these commercials, keep track of who seems most bent on distraction and distortion, and vote accordingly on November 7th.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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