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Guest editorial - Downard Endorsed (11/6/06)

Hello, my name is Bill Keeling and I am the President of the River City Fraternal Order of Police Lodge that represents the rank and file of the Louisville Metro Police Department.

Much has been said about the FOP Public Service Announcement that is airing this week supporting Kelly Downard for Mayor. To set the record straight, that commercial was paid for by the rank and file of the police department. They are expressing their frustration with the way Mayor Abramson treats the issue of public safety in this community.

Despite what the Mayor has told you the truth is:

We are not one of the top ten safest cities in the nation, we are 216th because we are not at our full authorized strength of officers and we have never been when Jerry Abramson has been Mayor. It was the same way when he was Mayor of the City of Louisville.

More truth: 4 years into merger we still do not have a unified police radio system and our officers are in danger, which places you in danger.

This is because Mayor Abramson does not place public safety at the top of his list. The result of this mindset is a 21% increase in violent crime in our city.

Ladies and gentleman, safety is the number one responsibility of government. At the rate things are going, do you feel safe?

Vote for Kelly Downard for Mayor tomorrow and make this city safe.

I'm Bill Keeling and that's the rank and file Point of View.

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