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My Perfect Political World (11/7/06)

There is a perfect world that lives in my head. In this perfect world, politicians would not exempt themselves from the law as they have with the do not call list. You see, they passed this wonderful law that prevents telemarketers from disturbing us at home with unwanted solicitations, but lawmakers made sure that they were exempt from this law so they could call you at election time and tell you how rotten their opponents are. Isn't that nice? And delightfully self-serving too.

In the perfect world that lives in my head, someday soon a politician will run for office by telling us what he or she believes in and what they will do if elected, and they will do this in very specific terms. They might even tell us their opponent is a good person but they believe they have even more to offer.

In my perfect world, we would once again be able to try to choose the best candidate instead of the one who is least objectionable. And good people who run honest, honorable campaigns could actually win elections instead of only those who can lie best, spin half-truths and spit misleading factoids.

The perfect world that lives in my head is a wonderful place. I wish you could join me there, but sadly, I'm afraid my perfect world has no chance in the real world.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my Point of View.

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