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Driving Away the Best (11/16/06)

National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Tom Reynolds recently criticized Anne Northup, saying she blew her election chances by running positive ads at the end of her campaign. He said she failed to "disqualify" John Yarmuth by not sticking with negative attacks to the bitter end.

Given that such a foul philosophy is what passes for political "wisdom" these days, I certainly wasn't surprised to hear that neither Jerry Abramson nor Crit Luallen will be running for Kentucky governor next year.

Without a doubt, both are among the best and brightest the state Democrats have to offer. But reading between the lines of their statements, it wasn't at all difficult to hear their real message, which was "Are you kidding? Right now I still have my dignity and privacy. Who needs this headache?"

And who can blame them? I'm sure many other extremely capable potential candidates on the Republican side will also make the same decision - if they haven't already.

I've already condemned America's ever-increasing negative political campaigning. But situations like this make it clear it's not just a question of voters being annoyed by it. The bigger problem is that few really qualified people are willing anymore to subject themselves to the garbage it takes to become an elected leader.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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