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The O.J. Special: Fox Finally Comes Through (11/21/06)

The O.J. Special: Fox Finally Comes Through (11/21/06)

Yesterday, I prepared an editorial explaining to you why we wouldn't be carrying the infamous O.J. Simpson specials that Fox planned to air next week. But Fox thankfully cancelled their plans for the shows before that Point of View could air.

Nonetheless, word of our decision had already gotten out, and I'm happy to say it generated a flood of reaction that was overwhelmingly positive.

Yes, a couple of e-mailers took us to task for supposedly "censoring" the news. But they were vastly outnumbered by those who understood this was neither censorship nor news. And getting all that support was not only gratifying, but again made me proud of what a great city I live in.

But I do want to say this:

An interviewer from NPR asked me yesterday how this incident made me feel about being affiliated with the Fox network. My honest answer was, it makes me feel good and I'll tell you why.

Did Fox make a mistake initially? Sure. A big one. But unlike so many who make bad decisions, they didn't dig their heels in and deny reality. In the end, they did the right thing - even when it meant sacrificing some big ratings and swallowing some pride.

They fumbled the ball. But they ultimately saved the game by listening to reason and respecting the wishes of their audience, even though it was a very expensive thing to do.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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