Well, the Louisville Cardinals are off to the Orange Bowl. While UK will also go bowling in Nashville.

Both teams deserve their rewards. But just as impressive were their fans, who passionately and meticulously argued their schools' cases for the best possible bowl invitations with the passion of a Johnnie Cochran.

If people devoted similar amounts of time, study and involvement to other matters like education, like economic development or even bridge painting - who knows what this community could accomplish?

Some say Americans are becoming dumber by the day. But I don't buy that. Because people who can instantaneously cite the fact that Notre Dame has won 74% of their games throughout their history -- but hasn't won a bowl game since '94 -- aren't stupid.

Just focused.

But Americans are becoming ever more jaded-- especially about a political process that too often seems disconnected from their own interests.

Maybe this cynicism is justified. Maybe not.

But I do know when football arguments can spark real passion and engagement -- while serious public policy matters are greeted with a collective yawn -- we have a problem.

And it's a problem far more serious - and lasting -- than figuring out how to shut down Wake Forest.

But with all that said -- Go Cards!

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.