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Bridging a Huge Gap (12/7/06)

Bridging a Huge Gap (12/7/06)

According to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, the cost of the project to build two new Ohio River bridges is now estimated at 3.9 billion dollars. That's compared to a 2003 estimate of 2.07 billion.

Cabinet officials say inflation is the main culprit. But that's an increase of more than 88%!

I'm pretty sure inflation hasn't been anywhere near 88% in the past three years. As a matter of fact, inflation rates have been near all-time lows in recent years.

So what's really up here?

Maybe the most recent report is correct. But if it is, then someone back in '03 was lying in order to push through a plan they thought the public wouldn't support if the real price were known.

Or, as I fear, maybe this is just one more piece of obstructionism designed to make sure -- yet again -- that Kentucky talks and talks a vital Louisville project to death, but winds up doing nothing out of fear we might actually get our fair share from the state for once.

Whichever it is, a miserly, do-nothing attitude will keep us from ever making any progress.

And we need both these bridges.

So let's stop wringing our hands, start realizing nothing worthwhile is ever free, and get things underway.

Now. Because the meter is obviously running.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my Point of View.

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