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Guest Editorial - The Iraq War (12/15/06)

The Iraq Study Group -- the Baker/Hamilton Commission -- has released its report of America's direction, and dilemma, in Iraq. Regardless of your point of view, one thing is clear. Americans will again be left with the uncomfortable feeling that we have "lost" the war, as we allegedly did 30 years ago in Vietnam.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

U.S. and coalition forces swiftly and successfully defeated a well-equipped Iraqi Army and Air Force and dispatched the infamous Republican Guard in short order. They occupied the country. Its despotic, sadistic ruler was removed and placed on trial. And governance of the country restored to the people.

Has there been insurgency? Of course. Historically, any occupying army is subject to sabotage, guerilla activities and interdiction. The French forces in Indochina and the British Army in colonial America are prime and obvious examples.

The American military, both in Vietnam and Iraq, was cuffed and restricted by PR sensitive politicians and a society with neither the stomach or dedication to "go the distance" regardless of the cause. Another symptom of the current "fast food" pleasure-driven generation.

America's military did not lose either fight. They were denied the opportunity to consummate the victory.

We owe a continually growing debt of gratitude to the selfless men and women who daily serve and preserve the American way of life in a strange, danger-filled world.

I'm Jack Grimm, and that's my...Point of View.

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