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Memo to Mel Ignatow--12/14/06

Memo to Mel Ignatow:

The Christmas season may be a time for compassion and forgiveness, but don't come looking for any from me.

Sure, you did your time in prison for perjury. But everyone, including you, knows you're really guilty of one of the most brutal, heinous murders in the history of this city.

This is fact -- not opinion. Even you admit it, now that you beat the rap at trial and can't be tried again.

This community detests you with every fiber of its being. But now, you actually say you might settle here permanently, and suggest there's something wrong with us if we can't forgive and forget.

Well, no one will ever forget. And while some will find a way to forgive, you shouldn't be surprised if those who can't include the family members of your victim, who you so callously suggest should "put the past in the past."

Your trial attorney says you've paid your debt to society. But he's dead wrong. You're so far behind on your payments, you'll never catch up.

You say you've found God. But talk is cheap. I think you're lying-again.

If I had my way, you'd still be behind bars. But since that's out, I can only hope you'll at least have the common decency to go far, far away, and never insult this community with your presence again.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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