It's long past time this community finally honored the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in a truly meaningful way. But is renaming 22nd Street after him really the best way to do it?

Let's be honest. 22nd Street isn't exactly Louisville's highest-profile thoroughfare. It isn't near, and doesn't lead to, any of the community's major tourist attractions. And despite the good intentions of those who support the idea, I can't help but think its location reinforces the wrong-headed notion that it's only appropriate to honor black leaders in predominantly black parts of town.

Dr. King deserves a far more significant monument -- one that's highly visible to everyone, and demonstrates our awareness that his wisdom and accomplishments benefited us all, regardless of color.

So why not think big?

Nothing could better symbolize Dr. King's commitment to bringing people together than a bridge. And we'll soon be building two new ones across the Ohio River. So what could be more appropriate than naming one to honor him?

I don't care which one it is - downtown or East End. But either one would be far more prominent than a single, isolated street that few visitors ever even see. And I can think of few people who would be more deserving of being honored on such a grand scale.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my Point of View.