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Take Back the Media (12/26/06)

Take Back the Media (12/26/06)

This is a time of unprecedented media saturation. The Internet, satellite and cable TV, satellite radio and thousands of publications make almost any piece of information available to us immediately.

This new media landscape has unlimited potential. So what kind of information dominates it?

Lindsay Lohan's latest drinking binge. Howard Stern's sexist rants. The underwear habits of Britney Spears. And, of course, plain old porn.

This stuff isn't just available to those who seek it out. It's being force-fed to everyone, whether it disgusts us or not. And that includes your kids.

Sure, there's an appetite out there for this garbage. But we certainly don't all share it. And while it may never disappear completely, we can keep it in its place.

By closely monitoring our children's Internet usage. By actually using that V-chip in our TV sets. By changing channels when the car radio starts spewing smut. And by simply refusing to accept the glorification of bad behavior as "news."

Mere griping accomplishes little. But if enough of us take personal responsibility for what we -- and our kids -- will be exposed to, those who profit from this tripe will have to take notice.

And maybe even find more honorable ways to make a buck.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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