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No Place For Protests (12/28/06)

On December 12th, Lance Corporal Thomas P. Echols, a marine from Shepherdsville who was killed in action in Iraq, was laid to rest. But this one final opportunity for his survivors to say goodbye was marred by some simply inexcusable incidents.

First, several drivers disrupted a motorcade from the airport to the funeral home by beeping their horns and cutting off the procession.

Then, on the way to the cemetery, many more drivers cut in and out of the flag-laden procession -- some even making obscene gestures toward the mourners.

Now I'm sure many of these boors were simply clueless boneheads who never learned the rules of the road when it comes to funerals. And that's bad enough.

But I'm also sure many others were mean-spirited fools who thought disrupting a military funeral would be a clever way to protest the war. And for these people, I have nothing but contempt.

I don't care how you feel about this war. When you aim your immature tantrum at a fallen soldier and his grieving family, you've chosen the wrong targets. You've shown an unbelievable capacity for cruelty, and earned the scorn of every decent person.

Lance Corporal Echols will always be remembered as an American. But the selfish cretins who cowardly abused his survivors will always be remembered as something very different.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View

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