-Wall Street couldn't find a way around downbeat news on the economy Monday;  Construction spending fell again in April, and more fallout in the financial services sector as leaders with Wachovia and Washington Mutual are out.

-It's now easier to get rid of your old electronics gear safely.  Best Buy is unveiling a recycling program allowing customers to bring in old television sets, cell phones and gadgets to be disposed of properly.  With computers and cell phones proliferating, the effort will help keep the nation's landfills free of electronic pollution.

-One of the largest employers in Columbus, Indiana is temporarily laying off 125 workers. Cummins says the layoffs this summer are needed because of decreased demand for Dodge Ram pickup trucks.  Cummins employs nearly one thousand people in Columbus.

-An east end Louisville business with 12 employees supplies most of the world's bridge players with cards and supplies.  If you play bridge you know the company as Baron Barclay.

When a game of bridge shuffles the cards anywhere in the world, there's a good chance the cards and accessories came from Louisville's Baron Barclay Bridge Supply company.

Jim Maier, president, Baron Barclay Bridge says, "It's a problem solving game basically, you're presented with a hand, you have to figure out how to bid it, how to play it, how to defend it, it's a good game to keep your mind active."

The owner of Baron Barclay calls his business the largest supplier of bridge supplies in the world.  But the business is also a major source for all types of card games and published material.

Maier says, "We have about fifty titles we publish and we also publish a magazine, comes out six times a year, it's by Audrey Grant and we do really well with that.  We're involved in every aspect of bridge and not just bridge, but for card players as well.  We have lots and lots of playing cards, folding furniture, table covers, anything a card player would use."

Baron Barclay sells more than 100,000 books a year. Maier says, "We are sort of specializing in textbooks.  We have four series of textbooks, all the beginners because there's a lot of people who want to learn how to play bridge and they get started in it, hopefully we can keep 'em going with step by step, one of our series has five textbooks, one has four, so you can start off with something simple then go to intermediate, advanced, and as far as you want to go with it."

While bridge doesn't fit the mold of today's instant gratification internet world, a couple of big names have helped keep the game growing.  "Bill Gates, Warren Buffet have given alot of money to bridge for in school, they call it bridge in school program and so they put a bunch of money, they love bridge and they donated and get it started in young people and we're a sponsor for the youth american bridge championships in Atlanta this year." Maier says.

Baron Barclay Bridge Supply is seeing its online business grow.  To visit the website, click newslinks section on the left side of this page.