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Put an End to the Panhandling (6/5/08)

Among the drawbacks of warm weather season are the frequent interruptions at major intersections by people begging for money.

I'm not talking about firemen collecting for the Crusade for Children. At least they're trained professionals who know how to keep things safe. Plus, there's no question about the worthiness of the Crusade.

No, I'm talking about Little League teams collecting for new equipment, high school band members begging for enough cash to go to camp and all the other groups who've decided that car washes, raffles and bake sales are a waste of energy compared to good old panhandling.

Some days, virtually every red light becomes a battle of wills between people hoping to shame folks into coughing up spare change and drivers trying to avoid eye contact. And, because the beggars go where they're likely to stir up some business, it's always the busiest intersections they descend upon. Which becomes pretty dangerous as these people dart between cars and up and down traffic islands to stick plastic buckets through open windows.

As soon as someone is hit by a car at one of these ambush points, then we're sure to hear an outcry about how this practice should be banned. So why not save ourselves a lot of misery and crack down on it now?

As I said, the Crusade deserves an exemption. But as for the rest, well...

A traffic hazard by any other name is still a traffic hazard.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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