People in parts of Indiana were still coping with flooding Sunday night.  Weekend thunderstorms left a number of homes flooded and people stranded.

Parts of Seymour, Indiana are still flooded, and some homes surrounded by water.  That has kept rescue teams busy this weekend.

One of several water rescue teams helped stranded neighbors in Southern Indiana.

Rescuers headed out to pick up a man who has been trapped inside his home near the White River since Sunday afternoon.

After locating the man by air, rescuers headed out by boat to get him.  Mike Bobb says, "Wasn't no water this morning."  Bobb thought he was in the clear when he looked outside Sunday morning, but in just a few hours things changed.

Bobb has a pickup truck but realized there was just too much water, so he waited for rescuers to find him.  Bobb says, "For the most part it went real smooth."  When they did the rescue was pretty simple.

Meanwhile, despite his scare, Mike Bobb has no plans to move to higher ground.  But he will do things a little differently next time: "Just play it smarter and get out."

Right now, the water is starting to recede, so neighbors should be able to return to their homes in the very near future.

So far, there is one school closing due to the weather.  Seymour Community Schools will be closed Monday.