Enterpreneurs thrive when seeing an idea develop into a successful business.  You may have seen one such idea driving around town in a large van with the words Zoom N Groom on the side.

The business was the idea and the dream of Beth King:  "There's just been a really great response, and I have double the clientele that I thought I would starting out."

Two months ago Beth King opened Zoom N Groom Mobile Pet Salon.  Her office is an $85,000 van outfitted for grooming pets.  "It's fully self contained. I have 50 gallons of warm water, my own generator to power, air conditioning, clippers, and it works quite well. I love it."

Beth drives the van to your house, and about an hour later, you have a manicured and groomed dog.

She explains, "It's a lot less stressful, most dogs are done in about an hour and back into their home environment.  For myself it's much more personal and one-on-one with the pet, and I get to know my customers really well. I really enjoy going and seeing people and the dogs in their home environment."

Beth has groomed dogs in a salon environment for seven years before opening her business. But she says the mobile pet salon satisfied her desire to have a small business.  "It started years ago when I wanted to own my own business. I always knew I wanted to be my own boss and the opportunity arose for me to purchase a salon and I decided to go mobile instead."

Beth likes to groom five to six dogs a day. It works financially, and she isn't rushed with any one customer, which means a happy dog. "They tend to enjoy it.  Nice warm water bath and getting cleaned up, they always feel so much better after I'm done. You can tell they have an little extra bounce in their step."

To reach Beth at Zoom N Groom, her number is 802-9328.

Beth says one niche her business has is grooming guide dogs.   It's easier for the owners and she has already gained a dozen such clients.