It wa a horrible Father's Day for a Louisville family who lost a loved one.  Johnny Lee Busby was killed by a hit and run driver early Friday morning.

His widow, daughter, and other relatives are making a passionate plea, asking the person responsible to come forward.  Johnny Busby was a family man, and Sunday was the worst Father's Day ever, and his family gathered at their Valley Station home.

Barbara Ann Downs, the victim's sister says, "We're not here to judge, we want some closure and we really want that person to step up."

Melissa Busby, the victim's wife says, "We have been told that he was seen walking down the street and a pickup truck hit him and pulled over for a few minutes and turned his flashers on and somebody else stopped to help Johnny and then the guy that hit him or woman we don't know, took off."

That person they want to find killed the 50-year old busby Friday morning.  It happened on Lower Hunter's Trace near Crockett Drive.  Sergeant Mike Minniear of Louisville Metro Police says, "It's obviously a hit and run, it appears he was walking down the street and the car hit him, and the car continued to leave.  However, we do have a vehicle of interest."

Johnny Busby had been out with a friend at a neighborhood bar and he decided to make the short walk home to his sister's house.  Melissa Busby says, "We've got two children, one of them is seven, the other is 13, and I just don't know what to say."

The vehicle involved, according to police, could be a late model pick-up truck.  Busby was a machine operator who has lived in Louisville all his life.

Downs says, "I pray personally for the person who did this and I pray for their family that they could help us with that or someone that knows them will come forth as well."

Anyone with information should call Metro Police.  Johnny Busby will be buried Monday.