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Police treat shooting of motorcyclist as self-defense

A woman shoots a motorcyclist in a busy Jeffersonville intersection during a heated argument in broad daylight.  But was it self-defense or road rage?

Right now, police are treating this as a case of self-defense, but that could all change by the time the case gets to the Clark County Prosecutor's Office.

It's not often a person shoots someone pointblank in broad daylight and gets to go home.  But that's what happened Tuesday afternoon in Jeffersonville. 

Det. Todd Hollis of the Jeffersonville Police tells Fox 41's Stephan Johnson, "It was fully loaded when we found the weapon...she claimed that she acted in self-defense."

Police say 39-year-old Yolanda Parrish shot 52-year-old Wesley Mosier after an argument.  Witness Micah Martin says, "I noticed that he had a gunshot wound, it was small like a 22 and was kind of dripping a little blood."

Robert Bagshaw also witnessed part of the incident.  "As I got closer the guy was talking about he'd been shot."

According to police reports, Parrish who was driving a black SUV, and Mosier, who was on a motorcycle, had been arguing on the road prior to a face-to-face confrontation at the intersection of 10th Street and Allison Lane.

Det. Hollis says, "She tried to push the door open to get him away from the window.  She claims that he then shut the door and raised his fist to strike her."  He says that's when Parrish pulled a .38 caliber handgun, shot Mosier, and then called 911.

Part of that tape went as follows: 

Operator: "Jeff Police -- what's your emergency?"

Parrish: "Yes, I have shot somebody up on 10th Street in front of Thornton's!

Operator: "Okay, you did?"

Parrish: "Yes, he ran up on my car!"

One of the six witnesses interviewed by police said she saw Parrish and her son kick Mosier and yell at him while he was down.  Other witnesses only report they saw the Parrishes yelling.

Mosier was rushed to University Hospital in Louisville.  Parrish and her 15-year-old son were questioned and released.

Steve Stewart, Clark Co. Prosecutor, says, "That was a decision made by the Jeffersonville Police Department as to whether or not to make an arrest."

According to the Indiana Criminal and Traffic Law Manual, "A person is justified in using reasonable force against another person to protect (themselves) from what (they) reasonably believe to be the imminent use of unlawful force."

The Clark County prosecutor will decide whether Parrish should be charged.  But right now Jeffersonville police still have the case.  Stewart says, "They will give me all the information they have about the case, and it's on that basis that the prosecutor's office will make a decision as to whether or not those criminal charges should be filed."

Police are still hoping to interview Wesley Mosier.  Right now, he is in critical condition at University Hospital in Louisville.

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