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Freedom of Speech? Or Disturbing the Peace? (6/19/08)

Recently, demonstrators hired by a local millwork and carpenters union have been disrupting midday activity - especially outdoor dining - at Fourth Street Live. But they're not even demonstrating against any of the businesses they're disrupting.

No. Their beef is with a drywall company that's doing renovation work for a different business on the second floor of the complex. Which means, of course, they're greatly annoying a bunch of people at ground level who have nothing to do with their gripes - while also presenting a terrible image of Louisville to out-of-towners -- but having no effect whatsoever upon the company they're picketing.

This is nuts.

At this point we're no longer talking about freedom of speech, but disturbing the peace.

I would encourage the union's leaders to find less offensive, more effective ways of taking their case to the public. But since that'll never happen, no one but innocent people will continue to be harassed.

While some local police and judges have said there's nothing that can be done about this, I can't accept that. I believe there are limits to speech when it's used maliciously and does unjustified damage to innocent parties.

So I call upon law enforcement and the courts to look at this again, and see if there's any way to eliminate this public nuisance.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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