Jeffersonville Police tell Fox 41 News Tuesday's road rage shooting involving a Jeffersonville woman was not the first time she's pulled a gun on someone.

Detectives say Yalanda Parrish was involved in another road rage incident back in March.  In that incident, Parrish told police she pulled a gun on someone because she felt threatened, but did not shoot.

Police are now looking at surveillance video of Tuesday's shooting in hopes of uncovering more details.

Police say the incident lasted about 10 or 11 seconds.  But they say their technology doesn't allow them to enhance the video any more.  It's grainy, but does give them more information into the shooting.  But the shots fired were not caught on tape because the SUV obstructs the view.

Yalanda Parrish told police she fired in self-defense.  Witnesses say motorcyclist Wesley Mosier was weaving in and out of traffic, preventing the SUV from passing.  Parrish said she shot Mosier after he approached her SUV and threatened her.

Mosier remains in serious condition at University Hospital.  A prosecutor will decide if charges will be filed.

Police say Mosier does have a criminal background.  They say he was convicted of manslaughter in 1974.

Late Thursday afternoon, Yalanda Parrish released a statement about Tuesday's shooting incident.  She says, "I felt and still feel that this incident should have never manifested itself to this level...this whole situation has definitely affected both families in a very profound way."

Family spokesman Christopher 2x spoke to the family Thursday morning about this incident and about the alleged behavior by Parrish's 15-year old son.  Witnesses said they saw the teen taunt Welsey Mosier after he had been shot.  2X says, "I think if she could do this all over again, she probably would have wished there was some other alternative."

Parrish and her family chose to release a written statement because her family has retained an attorney.