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Yalanda Parrish speaks with attorney about shooting accident

A road rage shooting earlier this week was "not" the first such run-in for the woman who pulled the trigger - and a 911 call reveals more about what happened.

Friday Fox 41 News uncovered police reports that show this is not the first time Yalanda Parrish has pulled a gun on someone in public and it's also not her first physical confrontation.

Yalanda Parrish spent Friday morning meeting with an attorney.  "It is fair to say that she believed that she had no other alternative," said Parrish's attorney, Brian Butler.

Police say during a heated road rage incident, Parrish shot 52 year old Wesley Mosier at the intersection of 10th street and Allison Lane in Jeffersonville.

"This is a person whose conduct throughout 39 years of her life indicates that what she did on the day in question she did because she felt she had to," said Butler.

Louisville attorney Brian Butler is representing Parrish.  "She has no history of violence."

But Jeffersonville police reports show Parrish has been involved in a few altercations in the last two years.

"She had an incident within three months that appears to be very similar to the incident that happened earlier this week," said Jeffersonville Police Detective Todd Hollis.

Parrish received her permit to carry a handgun in May of 2007, and in March of this year she pulled it during another road rage incident.  Here's part of the 911 call she made after the confrontation.

Dispatcher: "But then he ended up getting out of his car and coming up to you?"

Yalanda Parrish: "Yeah, until, only reason why he stopped is because I had to pull my gun out on him.  He was getting ready to swing, he was getting ready to, I stopped him."

That's very similar to the call Parrish made on Tuesday after she shot Mosier.

Yalanda Parrish: "Yes, I had shot somebody up here on 10th street in front of Thorntons!"

Dispatcher: "Ok, you did?"

Yalanda Parrish: "Yes, he ran up on my car getting ready to open up my door and hit me with his fist."

And there's more, according to another police report, in February of last year a woman called police on Parrish after the two women were involved physical confrontation during a little league basketball game.

Meanwhile, police are looking at everything as they continue to investigate the shooting.  "To see if there is a pattern of behavior on her part that would suggest that she may be escalating these confrontations," said Hollis.

We've also learned Mosier has a 1974 conviction for accessory to manslaughter.

Meanwhile, this is surveillance video from the Thornton's gas station from Tuesday's shooting.

Right now, Jeffersonville police are working with LMPD trying to enhance the video.

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