A powerful Washington lawmaker met today with Louisville Ford officials. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited the Ford Assembly Pant on Fern Valley Road.

Pelosi was there to learn about one of Ford's cars of the future but Ford workers hope that will translate into jobs down the road.

William and Kimula Jackson have been married and working at the Kentucky Ford Truck Plant for 15 years. William Jackson, Ford employee says, "Kind of wish we didn't have both all our eggs in one basket." Ford has provided a steady income for the Jacksons over the years.

Kimula Jackson, Ford employee says, "We hear a lot of rumors about layoffs and things like that." But because of ongoing layoffs and declining car sales. Jackson says, "Realistically it is a concern."

The Jacksons are also looking at other options. Kimula Jackson says, "As a matter of fact I just finished my masters degree and I'm considering taking the buyout so that we can be in a different location."

This week Ford announced even more production reductions. Congressman John Yarumth says, "Gives me great pleasure to introduce speaker Nancy Pelosi."

But there could be hope for the future. Saturday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who's in town campaigning for Congressman John Yarmuth met with Ford officials.

Pelosi says, "This is about maintaining and growing and strengthening the middle class of our country" Ford introduced Pelosi and Yarmuth to it's Hybrid plug-in.

The plug-in is the car of the future and that's when Ford could see it's declining sales turn around.

Kimula Jackson says, "It may not be tomorrow, but I believe we'll turn around." Despite the layoffs and declining sales workers William and Kimula Jackson believe Ford is headed in the right direction.

Kimula Jackson says, "Gives us a real optimistic outlook on our future." Despite Saturdays visit, Jefferson County republicans criticize Pelosi and Yarmuth for failing to come up with common sense solutions to the country's energy problems.

They also blame the democratic controlled congress for the high gas prices.