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No Sympathy for Unqualified Teachers (6/24/08)

Two things you can usually count on are:

Parents will insist the public schools should do a better job of educating their children. And teachers unions will fight any attempt to improve the quality of our instructors if it means someone might actually lose their job.

The Jefferson County Teachers Association recently held up their end of this deal by filing a suit claiming racial motivations for not renewing the contracts of 21 teachers. But only five of the 21 teachers affected were African-American, and all 21 had documented instances of poor performance, repeated misconduct or disciplinary measures on their records.

If the school board can't replace dead weight like this in favor of more qualified instructors, then where is the quality education we demand supposed to come from?

Unions serve an important role in our society, but this stance also highlights how unions can be ridiculously self serving at the expense of the product.  Should the goal here be to protect teachers who either can't or won't teach at an acceptable level or should it be to protect the children to assure they get a useful education? 

Dr. Berman should be applauded for trying to improve instruction in our schools - not criticized. And I hope this lawsuit gets just what it deserves - a quick dismissal.

What do you think? Call and let us know.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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