With the downturn in the economy, some people are looking for illegal ways to make some money.  The Better Business Bureau is warning people about e-mail scams, and it doesn't want you to become a victim.

When you go online you never know what you'll find.  But scammers are hoping they find you, to become their next victim.

And with the slow economy, the Better Business Bureau is reminding people even more to beware of scams.

Charlie Mattingly, president of the Better Business Bureau in Louisville, says scammers are always preying on people's fears.  He says there's no question that when people need more money, scammers try to offer deals that are too good to be true.

He is warning people about e-mail scams claiming to be from the I-R-S, or even from the FBI director, Robert Mueller.  That e-mail asks for your personal information so you can receive inheritance money.

The BBB says never respond to e-mails asking for your personal or account information.  And you've heard it before -- beware of anything that's too good to be true, especially e-mails that say you've won something.

A lot of e-mails that are scams come from overseas and have errors of English usage that can be a tipoff.

The BBB says the number one scam is bogus checks, where people ask you to wire them money to cash their fake checks.

If you have any questions about offers or scams, you can contact the BBB at the link above.