A grand jury will decide if a Jeffersonville woman involved in violent road-rage case broke the law.

Clark County prosecutor Steve Stewart was expected to make an announcement Tuesday, but instead decided a grand jury would be best suited to do that.  "The best people to decide the issue initially is a grand jury...I didn't think it would be worthwhile to wait."

The grand jury will decide the case involving 39-year-old Yalanda Parrish and 52-year-old Wesley Mosier.

Charlie Thompson, Jeffersonville Chief of Detectives, says, "If he feels this is the best plan of action, we stand behind him."

But Jeffersonville Police have their own opinion about what happened on June 17th and believe it could have been avoided.  Thompson says, "Perhaps if she had made a couple other steps...raised her window up, something else.  But when she sat in her vehicle, window down, door unlocked, gun in lap, it makes me believe she had something else on her mind."

Police say during a heated road-rage incident Parrish shot Mosier in the chest at the intersection of 10th street and Allison Lane.

Last Friday, Parrish hired Louisville attorney Brian Butler to represent her. and that's when he said,  "It's fair to say that she believed that she had no other alternative...She has no history of violence."

Butler said his client doesn't have a violent history.  But according to police reports, she has had several public confrontations and pulled her gun before.  In March of this year, Parrish pulled her gun during another road rage incident, but did not use it.

And last February a woman called police on Parrish after the two were involved in a physical confrontation during a Little League basketball game.  Last July Parrish called police after having a verbal confrontation with a mail courier.

The Circuit Court will deside when a grand jury should be brought in to hear the case.