Thousands turn out to apply for a couple hundred jobs at G.E. -- an indication of how tight the labor market is.

The jobs are at G.E.'s Appliance Park, and for another two days people can apply at the Kentucky Department of Employment downtown, at Sixth and Cedar.

It was a steady stream of people and traffic throughout the day -- people finding any spot they could to fill out an application.

G.E. needs about 180 workers to replace those who are retiring this year.  By midday, more than a thousand people had already picked up an application at the Department for Employment.

With good jobs hard to come by, especially in the manufacturing sector of the economy, the turnout isn't all that surprising.

One man, Dennis Cochran, told Fox 41's Bill Francis, "I've been laid off for two weeks from construction.  It's a lilttle slow, you know, due to the economy and all.  I'm hoping it will pick back up but until then obviously I've got to feed the family."

The jobs are available because G.E. and the union negotiated a new competitive wage rate.  New workers will make $14 an hour.  The workers they will replace have been making about $23 an hour.

And Darrell Waldridge said, "My job is seasonal, I mean you know, we work out in this hot heat.  I'd like to be inside for once, plus it pays good.  I know a lot of people who work there and retired there and so it would be nice to get on there."

Earlier this year, G.E. put Appliance Park up for sale.  But it's hoped that a new owner will keep jobs here.

When Cornelia White was asked her chances of getting a job, she repliled, "Just about like everybody else, probably about 50/50, there's so many people.

G.E. says it's telling applicants not to call them about jobs -- that if the company is interested, they will contact them.