Metro Council approves a $820 million spending plan for the next year.

It is still a lean budget despite the council's move to add $8 million worth of new spending. The budget also includes 400 job cuts; old jobs spots that will not be filled.

Tonight, a contentious discussion about funding for the Center City project delayed the vote for nearly an hour.

While Republicans called for more oversight in the city's decision to purchase $17 million in land for the Center City project.. Democratic councilman argued to strike language from the budget that would not to tie the hands of the administration.

"There are too many cooks in the kitchen," said David Tandy, (D) Metro Council District 4.

Ultimately, the Democratic council members had their way moving to pass a $820 million spending plan.

The budget commits $152 million to public safety, police, fire and EMS including a $4 million investment for a new fire station.

The budget also calls for $8 million in new money spending, including $3.1 million towards a new library in Newburg.

The council also made a point to make up for where the administration made cuts, adding $1.5 million to Metro Parks and $600,000 for new aquatics projects.

This move came in direct response to the city's decision to close five pools back in February as part of a cost savings measure.

The 2009 budget anticipates 2.2 percent in growth. That's the lowest it has been in five years.

The city is also keeping an eye on what happens at Ford and GE; two of the largest tax paying entities in the county.

That's revenue the city needs.