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Shooting victim in road rage incident says shooter threatened to kill him

A man shot during a road rage incident earlier this month tells police the shooter threatened to kill him.

52-year-old Wesley Mosier Jr. was shot June 17th outside a Jeffersonville gas station.  The shooter claims she fired in self defense.

Yalanda Parrish told police she shot Wesley Mosier after he approached her vehicle.  Mosier on Monday told police Parrish threatened to kill him.  The truth, police say, is somewhere in the middle.

Doctors made a large incision while treating Mosier, but ultimately left the bullet inside.  Monday morning, Mosier told police his version of what happened between him and Yalanda Parrish on June 17th.

Mosier's attorney Larry Wilder says, "She rolled down the window -- which was partially down -- she told him that today was his lucky day.  He asked what she meant and she said, 'I'm going to kill you.'"

Parrish and Mosier were involved in a road rage argument prior to stopping at an intersection.  Surveillance video shows Mosier approach her SUV.  That's when Parrish says she shot Mosier in self-defense.

In his statement to police, Yalanda Parrish's son said his mother and Mr. Mosier had no words. Mr. Mosier's attorney paints a different picture -- he says that Mr. Mosier's life was threatened.

Wilder says, "She pulled up right on top of the man that she was fearful of, and later shot point blank in the chest after exchanging one sentence."

Mosier's attorney, Larry Wilder, says his client is not a threat.  He points to his handicapped license plate as evidence of that.

Jeffersonville Police are still investigating.  The case will eventually be presented to a special grand jury in early July.

Det. Charlie Thompson with the Jeffersonville Police Dept. says, "Hopefully, somewhere in the middle lays the truth -- we are looking forward to what the outcome may be from the grand jury."

In the interim, authorities are taking steps to revoke Parrish's right to carry a weapon.  They point to shooting and a previous incident in March as reason enough to pull her gun permit.

Det. Thompson says, "With her pulling this weapon out twice in 60-something days is improper and reckless in manner.  Our stance that people like this don't need to be carrying a gun and having a permit."

Police say the truth lies somewhere in the timeframe of 11 seconds from the time Mosier got off his motorcycle to when he was shot.

Thompson explains, "It's that 11 to 12 seconds right before he was shot.  Was she really in the fear of her life?  Was this her only course of action?"

Yalanda Parrish's attorney has not returned calls.  Since the incident happened, more people have come forward with information.  The most recent is a postal employee who told police she had several encounters with Parrish and claims she is "irrational."

Mosier has a past conviction for accesory to manslaughter from 1974.  His attorney says it should not affect this case because Parrish had no knowledge of his criminal past.

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