A man once described as a mover and shaker in republican circles in Indiana and on the national scene is headed to prison after a sex scandal.

Former Clark County Republican Chairman Glenn Murphy Junior was sentenced to six years in prison for criminal deviate conduct.

The 34-year old Glenn Murphy Junior was a man on the rise.  But it all came tumbling down after a private republican party gathering in a Clark County home last July.

Utica Indiana is a very small town, population at just about 800.  It's a small town that has had to endure a big time scandal. Henry Dorman Jr., President, Town Board says, "We're really heartbroken over the situation and just wish glenn jr. The best you know, as he comes out of this."

34-year old Glenn Murphy Junior, of Utica, was sentenced to six years in prison Monday, with four years suspended.  He reached a plea deal with a special Indiana prosecutor, pleading guilty to criminal deviate conduct.

Almost a year ago, a 22-year old man filed charges against Murphy. He said Murphy performed oral sex on him.  It happened at a home in Jeffersonville, Indiana, following a private republican party gathering.

Stan Levco, Indiana Special Prosecutor says, "He wanted people to know that it wasn't consensual and that he didn't agree to this and that he was aware that the defendant had done this before and he thought it was important that he be held accountable to it."

Up until the allegations, Murphy was an important person in GOP politics.  He was the head of the Clark County Republican Party and had just become president of the Young Republican National Federation.

You could always find him posing for pictures at local, statewide and national republican functions. The victim in this case says he and others stayed over at the home following the political gathering. The victim says he woke up early in the morning, to find Murphy performing oral sex on him.

In 1998, a similar charge was made against murphy by another 21-year old man who said Murphy tried to perform oral sex on him.  But charges were never filed in the case.  Levco says, "I think it was important that he be found guilty, as you know, he had done this before and never really had been accountable for it."

According to court records Murphy met with the man in this latest case, after the incident, and the victim tape recorded the conversation.  Murphy said, "Dude, I wasn't in my right mind, I wasn't thinking."  Murphy reportedly asked the man not to file the complaint.

It's all still a big blow in Utica Indiana, but they'll get over it.  Dorman says, "This type of stuff goes on across the country, you know, and it's just a sad situation."

Glenn Murphy Jr. must report to prison, July 14th.  In all likelihood with a two year sentence, he will only serve one year, and once out of prison, he will have to register as a sex offender.