A Jefferson County grand jury is investigating a fatal crash involving an ambulance.  The driver of the ambulance could face charges.

It has been three months since the accident, and since then, Shively police have discovered some disturbing things about the driver of the ambulance.

In April, Maggie Whobrey sent her mother to the hospital in an ambulance because of a severe nose bleed: "Once I put the pressure and got it to slow down, she still wanted me to call the ambulance just to check and make sure."

But 54-year-old Vickie Whobrey never made it to the hospital: "I called Caritas to see if they were going to keep my mother or release her, and they didn't have her."

Instead, the ambulance crashed at the corner of Rockford Lane and VanHoose Drive.

EMT Tammy Brewer was driving the ambulance and says she swerved to miss a pedestrian.  But Chief Ralph Miller of the Shively Police said back in April, "There was no one ever located by police or anyone in that area."

Shively Police are investigating the crash and finding more to the story.  According to documents obtained by Fox 41, Brewer's partner was concerned about her behavior and sent several text messages to his supervisor the night of the crash.

One says:"You should see her (Tammy)...she is loopy."  The supervisor replied: "ok to drive?"  Brewer's partner responded:"her no."

He later stated, "When we were on the scene I realized Tammy should have called in sick...which is why I wanted the supervisor to meet us at the hospital."  And there's more.

Tammy Pablo was behind the ambulance the night of the crash and disputes Brewer's claim that a pedestrian was in the road:  "From what I hear, she said someone ran from the left side.  If someone had run from the left side she would have run them over, so you might want to check under the ambulance, but there wasn't anybody out there."

Meanwhile, Brewer's family is happy the case is now in the hands of a grand jury.  Maggie Whobrey says, "I want justice for my mother.  Someone should be held accountable for my mother's death."