Some residents of South Louisville are smiling, about future plans for one of their public parks.  Wyandotte Park, just off Taylor Boulevard, is a place in need of a lot of work, and many are starting to believe change is on the way.

The 25 acre park was designed in 1935, and there are people still in the neighborhood, who remember when it was new.  But good memories have faded and so too has the state of the park.

Wyandotte Park has seen better days, tennis courts with grass and weeds.  A pool house and swimming pool in need of a massive overhaul, a ball field that could certainly be updated, and a park area that could stand a lot of landscaping.  It now appears, help is on the way.

Jerry Brown, Metro Parks says, "It's really come together it's like a process the community and designers had to go through to come up with this consensus on a beautiful plan."  A plan to make a newer, safer and well maintained park.  A family oriented park with new walking paths.  Full-size ball field, new water fountains and a water play area for the children.

It looked good on paper and the people gathered at the Salvation Army Boy's and Girl's Club Tuesday night are hoping it will become reality.  Joann Hopkins, Oakdale Neighborhood Association says, "This neighborhood needs a park, there are a lot of children in this neighborhood and we need a good place for our families to go."

Consultants have spent weeks with the city and residents getting their input, finding out what they want in a revitalized park.  One thing they didn't want, was the proposal made by community activist Christopher 2x.  He suggested a memorial to young victims of violent crimes. 

2x cited the many acts of violence against children in the neighborhood.  Most people feel better served, with just a good-old fashioned park, that's safe and clean.  Hopkins says, "We really wanted it to be a family friendly atmosphere where we felt safe and you really didn't feel safe on the walking trail."

Brown says, "I haven't actually seen a cost estimate on it yet, they will be putting that together for us, but I would say several million dollars to build it all out."

$85,000 dollars came from Metro Government's capital budget, for the initial planning. The residents are hopeful there will be allocations in the years to come.