An early morning gathering turned into a double shooting that left one man dead and another seriously wounded.  It was a crime particularly frightening for nearby residents.

The call came in about 4:30 Wednesday morning.  There had been a shooting on the third floor of an apartment building near Fourth and Gaulbert Streets.

Reeser Court is a walking court just off Fourth Street.  The large old apartment buildings that line both sides of the court are filled with families and lots of children.  That is why the shooting was so scary.

Det. Phil Russell with Louisville Metro Police says officers, "arrived and, indeed, found one victim fatally wounded.  Another victim who had been shot was transported to University Hospital."

The dead man has been identified as 25-year old Martess Bethel of Louisville.  Bethel did not live in the apartment.

Investigators say he and several people were visiting when shooting broke out.  Police markers show at least 20 shots were fired, both inside the apartment and on a staircase at the rear of the building.

That's even as Jerry Mayo, a Fourth Street resident, says, "Reeser Court has really gotten much better in the last couple years."

Nearby residents say Reeser Court maintenance and management have improved.   But Mayo, a Fourth Street Block Watch captain, adds that Reeser Court is usually involved when problems arise in the neighborhood:  "It seems to be a big correlation between drugs and prostitution and crime at Reesor Court, so, and I know there's good people that live there and they're just as concerned as I am."

While it is an urban neighborhood, Old Louisville is not generally plagued by violent crime.  Police records show there has been only one homicide in Old Louisville so far this year.  Investigators have yet to classify Wednesday's shooting as murder.