More than a dozen sex offenders are off the streets in Clark County.  For the past month, detectives have been on a mission to hunt them down.

The Clark County Sheriff's Department is looking for sex offenders who fail to register.  Last month, police asked for help and since then 13 people have been arrested, but more are out there.

Sanford Walker Jr., Danny Williams, Marshall Frey -- these are just a few of the sex offenders recently arrested by Clark County Police.

Two of the offenders live near Shirena Mcallister on Webster Drive in Jeffersonville:  "I am very pleased to hear that they are not here anymore...I didn't know they lived on this street."

Mcallister and other neighbors didn't know they had sex offenders on their street:  "It just makes me feel that my kids are a lot safer."  But they're glad to know police have caught up with them.  As Officer Tim Franklin of the Clark County Police puts it, "I have been a mission."

Last month, Clark County police issued arrest warrants on 21 sex offenders who failed to register.  Franklin says, "Through tips or other law enforcement agencies, and some have turned themselves in...we have captured 13 of the 21."

Officer Tim Franklin says police are now looking for a new group of sex offenders, including Scott Gross, who is accused of having inappropriate relationships with some southern Indiana youth.  Franklin says, "Allegations of some misconduct...I guess he was working with one of the local youth groups at one of the churches, so now we're going to be looking for him."

Officer Franklin is part of the Clark County Sex Offender Task Force, and is determined to keep looking until all of the sex offenders are accounted for: "We're not going to give up until we have a hundred percent compliance."

That makes neighbors like Shirena Mcallister feel much better, even though the sex offenders on her street are already in jail.  "Cause it's not just my kids that I'm worried about -- it's all kids."

If you know the whereabouts of any of the registered sex offencers, you can call the Clark County Police Department's annonymous tip line at 812-280-CCSO.