More than 100 people are out of a job today, and some don't even know it yet.  Ford's troubles are having a ripple effect in Shelbyville.

The auto industry continues to hemorrhage jobs.  Johnson Controls makes car seats for the heavy duty F-Series trucks at its plant in Shelbyville.

The plant is normally shut down for the first two weeks of July.  But when workers left more than a week ago, they were told the plant would be down the entire month.

Now the workers say they opened their mailboxes Tuesday to learn that more than half of the 217 workers would be laid off immediately.

114 workers are being laid off, eliminating the 2nd shift.  Some who are away on vacation still may not know.  Many gathered late Tuesday afternoon at the union hall in Shelbyville to find out what to do next.

Most of the workers Fox 41 News spoke with had been with the company for at least ten years and many were making almost $20 an hour.  They expect it will be nearly impossible for them to find a job that pays that well.

Johnson Controls had no comment on the layoffs.