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Geek Squad's Tips for a Secure Password

What do a monkey, Blink182 and your first name have in common?

According to a recent story from PC Magazine, they're among the top 10 most common passwords.

With everything from medical records to banking information available online, those 6-12 alphanumerics can mean the difference between a clean credit report and a very unpleasant surprise on your next ATM receipt.

Geek Squad has some tips to keep your data secure.

  • Absolutely do not use single words you find in the dictionary. One of the most basic hacker tactics is known as a "dictionary attack," where an automated program will attempt the words of the dictionary. These simple passwords are particularly vulnerable.
  • Take advantage of the shift key, and use the available characters in addition to numbers and capital letters.
  • Avoid personal details such as home address, birthday or children's names. This information is surprisingly easy to get hold of, and hackers targeting you specifically will likely attempt it.
  • Visit Microsoft's Password Checker to get an at-a-glance sense of just how secure your password is.

Geek Squad Agents are available to supply many more password tips. And they always avert their eyes if you need to type one in.

Full list of PC Magazine's Top 10:

1. password

2. 123456

3. qwerty

4. abc123

5. letmein

6. monkey

7. myspace1

8. password1

9. blink182

10. (your first name)

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