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Only on Fox: Lt. Gov. Mongiardo, Allie Mongiardo speak out

You've probably heard about the age difference between Kentucky's lieutenant governor and his new wife.

In a story you'll see Only on Fox, the Mongiardos are setting the record straight.  They open up about how they met, their top secret wedding, and the criticism they face about their 25-year age gap.

Lt. Governor Daniel Mongiardo and Allie Patrick Mongiardo are very much at home in his Capitol office, along with their dog Gunner. They met in Frankfort on the Senate floor about 3 years ago.  Mongiardo was a 44-year-old state senator at the time.  Allie was 19, and helping family friend and Senator Alice Forgy Derr with some projects.

Lt. Gov. Mongiardo says, "She just politely introduced us.  They were sitting next to each other and she said, 'By the way, this is Senator Mongiardo,' and I said, 'Oh, nice to meet you,' and before we knew it we found ourselves talking after coffee."

Allie felt a connection quickly.  In fact, Daniel Mongiardo says, "Allie knew a lot earlier than I did It took me a lot longer to realize this is where I wanted to go."

Allie explains, "You just know when you've found the right person, just something within you says this is it."

They both have a passion for politics.  In 2004, Democrat Mongiardo was in a tough race for U.S. Senate against Republican Senator Jim Bunning.  "When I ran for U.S. Senate and lost, she was on the stage because she was in campaigns too, but she was on the stage on the winning side with Jim Bunning."

A Republican at the time, Allie was volunteering for the Bunning campaign. She's since become a Democrat. The two were dating last year when Mongiardo and now-Governor Steve Beshear were running for the highest offices in the state. They faced a lot of criticism about their 25-year age difference.

 Allie says, "You're in a fish bowl and people see you on TV or in the paper, and think they know you, and it's really difficult having people judge you not having met you."

The lieutenant governor says, "It's never been an issue between us just because there was such a connection there.  We never really think abou the age difference."

Allie was visible on the campaign trail, but declined all interviews:  "It was partly my comfort level.  I am quite outspoken and that whole -- getting used to the whole process...I felt it would be best for him that I didn't reflect poorly on things I said or did."  Daniel says, "I knew the focus would be on our age difference, and I didn't want that to be the campaign."

But they're both very vocal today about their love for each other, and their recent wedding.  They married at a church in Covington and managed to keep the June 21st date and location a secret.

With the wedding behind them, Kentucky's new second lady plans to put her communications degree to use in the public relations field. She's also passionate about children's issues and would love a houseful of kids herself someday:  "In the future, not the near future, but in the future for sure.  I think we want to be together for a year or two before having children, but, yeah, children are absolutely a necessity.  My father demands a grandson, so we'll have to try until we get one."

Until then, Allie Patrick Mongiardo is looking for a job and like any other newlyweds, the two are house hunting.

They plan to live in Lexington.

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