Police call it a road rage shooting incident.  Now a grand jury has been chosen to see if the woman who pulled the trigger will face charges.

The man who was shot will testify when the proceedings begin.  Earlier Wednesday at the City-County building in Jeffersonville, it took less than an hour for Clark County Prosecutor Steve Stewart to select the grand jury.  He said afterward, "We have scheduled a meeting for beginning next Monday for the presentation of evidence."

The grand jury is made up of six people with one alternate.  Stewart says he will leave it up to them up to decide if Yalanda Parrish should face charges, that he will not be making a recommendation:  "I want communty input, I want unbiased opinion directed towards me from our grand jurors."

Parrish could wind up facing no charges or a range of battery charges from a misdemeanor to a felony, depending upon what the grand jury decides.  Stewart says, "I really can't discuss the details of what witnesses will be called or how many.  I can tell you that every effort will be made to have every person with relevant evidence to be presented in front of the grand jury."

Parrish shot Wesley Mosier last month after he got off his motorcycle at 10th and Allison and approached her car.

She says she shot Mosier in self-defense.  He says he only approached her car to ask her to stop tailgating him.  Both Parrish and Mosier have been subpoenaed to testify.

Larry Wilder, Mosier's attorney, says, "Actually, the staples were removed from his incision today.  I spoke with him this morning and he feels much better and is looking forward to Monday."

Mosier's lawyer says his client is eager to tell his side of the story.  "It's my expectation that Mr. Mosier will testify on Monday, and he will testify because there's no issue with him saying anything that would result with him being charged with a crime, because he did nothing illegal.  So he will not exercise any constitutional rights not to testify, the question is, will Mrs. Parrish testify?"

Parrish's attorney has said they haven't made up their minds if she will testify.  She was meeting with her lawyer Wednesday afternoon.

The grand jury is expected to reach its decision by the end of next week.