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McConnell - Tapping Into Common Sense (7/10/08)

McConnell - Tapping Into Common Sense (7/17/08)

After 9/11, the government asked the phone companies to cooperate with them to monitor the phone calls of suspected terrorists both in and out of this country, and they did.

Then, the trial lawyers came forward to sue the phone companies who helped the government.  There are those in Congress who believe, as I do, that these companies should be protected from lawsuits.

Last week I read another anti-Mitch McConnell article in the Courier Journal taking the position that McConnell backed a bill that would give phone companies immunity from such lawsuits because he received campaign contributions from the companies involved. 

True, but this one-sided article didn't mention that the trial lawyers suing the phone companies have also spent hundreds of thousands of dollars supporting Democrats who support these lawsuits. So let's call the campaign contributions a wash and look at what's right and wrong.

As Senator McConnell said, "We're not doing these companies any special favors.  The U.S. government wouldn't even have a foreign surveillance program without them.   And any law that makes it less likely that these companies cooperate with us in the future is a law that makes it harder to protect Americans from terrorist attacks."

Thankfully, the Senate followed Mr. McConnell's lead and passed legislation protecting the phone companies from opportunistic lawyers. 

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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