A Southern Indiana man is ready to stand trial in New Albany Monday, in connection with a car crash that killed an entire family. It happened four years ago, on U.S. 150 near Greenville, Indiana.

His lawyers say Denny Wages can't remember a thing about June 25th, 2004, but so many people do, and they'll never forget it.  Denny Wages was driving in his Ford pick-up truck, crossed the centerline on U.S. 150 and hit a Pontiac Grand AM head on.  The crash killed the Littrell family of Pekin, Indiana, a mother, father and young daughter.

In August 2005, a mistrial was declared, and since then, it's been a legal nightmare for everyone involved.  Michele Tucker, victim's relative says, "It's very hard from day to day, just trying to get through and have closure to this."

The question that must be answered during the trial is whether the conduct in the crash, was civil negligence or criminal recklessness.  Wages, who is charged with three counts of reckless homicide.  He was seriously hurt in the crash, he doesn't drive anymore, and according to his lawyer, he rarely talks.

Denny Wages, isn't expected to testify, but now the prosecution has a key witness for the retrial, a witness they didn't have in 2005.  The woman said she had seen what she believed to be Denny Wages' truck driving erratically on the road, a short time before the crash.  Passing cars in a no-passing zone.

Attorneys for Wages, wanted her testimony excluded. They will maintain the truck that passed on the other side of the roadway, may have been someone else.  Wages, faces 24-years in prison, if convicted on all counts.