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Humana office building implosion set for Saturday morning

500 pounds of nitro are sure to make some noise in downtown Louisville this Saturday morning.  The explosives will bring down one of two buildings that must be removed before a new downtown arena can be built.

When they drop the Humana Office Building on the arena site on Saturday, those in charge say the best place to see the operation will be on television.

There's been plenty of work to gut the former Humana office building to prepare it for
implosion.  But since the building is surrounded by other downtown structures and a "keep out"
zone will be established around the area the implosion itself is going to be hard to see.

Larry Bisig, Arena Authority Member says, "The best view of the implosion is going to be from a television set.  That's based on the nature of the facility, where it's based, and the view angles."

The city parking garage at First and Main will be a public viewing area for those who insist on coming downtown.  The plan is to close down a three block area around the site about 6 a.m. Saturday with the actual implosion to take place at seven.

Michael O'Rourke, O'Rourke Construction says, "We've studied this project well before the project was bid.  We have been working on the site for quite a while, as you know, and we feel like we have an excellent plan and can't wait for it to implode it on Saturday."

O'Rourke says the black material around columns and along the lower floors is "blast curtain" designed to catch debris as it falls, stopping it from damaging nearby buildings.  If all goes well a thick coat of dust should be the only problem to deal with after the implosion.

The demolition company is already looking forward to tearing down the ancient LG&E substation which is also on the arena site.  LG&E began moving out of the old building Monday.

But as the demise of the Milner Hotel shows an implosion makes a strong statement.  Larry Bisig says that is what the Arena Authority is looking for on Saturday.

Workers have drilled more than 800 holes in support columns.  That is where the 500 pounds of explosives are going to go. The implosion, itself, will take about 12 seconds plus five or ten minutes for the dust to settle.

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