Kentucky's governor announced a major move Monday, affecting law enforcement across the state. This is all about economics and streamlining at a time, when every penny counts in state government.

They are recognized by most on the interstates and roadways throughout the state, Kentucky State Police and Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement. Now, they are one. A merger, the governor says is overdue.

Governor Steve Beshear says, "The change will create a demonstrable and tangible positive impact felt by citizens through the state." Vehicle Enforcement is now a division of the Kentucky State Police.

The move will refocus vehicle enforcement, to just that. Vehicle, driver traffic and commercial safety. Over the years, vehicle enforcement took on more of a patrolling role.

J. Michael Brown, Justice and Public Safety Cabinet says, "It made much more sense to us to remove a layer of bureaucracy and put them under the very capable guidance of the Commissioner of the State Police"

Vehicle Enforcement will keep it's identity, the cars and uniforms won't change, but you'll see more activity and enforcement at weigh stations around the state doubling and tripling hours.

With an emphasis on detecting hazardous and illicit cargo and enhancing security. Shipments like a haul of marijuana seized by State Police and Federal Agents.

It's going save money and bring in more money to the state. $750,000 to $1,000,000 a year in savings. A big reduction in fuel use. Establishment of a centralized office.

With weigh stations getting more attention, that means more fines and fees, tax compliance, licensing and permits.

Some top level positions will be eliminated within the vehicle enforcement department, but that will be done through retirements.