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Same Old Arguments in New Albany (7/15/08)

Same Old Arguments in New Albany (7/15/08)

New Albany's City Council is considering a ban on all smoking in public places, and last week, they gave citizens the chance to offer their opinions on the subject.

Predictably, opponents of a ban trotted out the tired old arguments about how such a law would put restaurants and bars out of business and how there's no evidence that second-hand smoke harms anyone. But what will it take for these people to finally realize their contentions hold no water?

We heard the same scare stories about the economic disaster that would strike Louisville bar and restaurant owners if patrons couldn't smoke in their establishments. But where are these devastated businesses? It seems to me dozens of new ones are opening every month.

And as for the nonsense about there being no proof that second-hand smoke has damaging health effects, well...yes there is. Plenty of it.

Refusing to read any of it - or just irrationally dismissing it as a lie doesn't change the truth. Smokers in an enclosed space risk the health of everyone in that space. And they not only have no right to do so, they have a responsibility not to.

So I encourage the New Albany City Council to keep moving ahead, and join all the other sensible communities that have already taken this much-needed action.

But what do you think? Call and let us know.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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