A Bullitt County man is in jail charged with molesting a mentally challenged teenager.

The suspect is Ricky Barr.  Police say he was a family friend and hired the victim to do odd jobs.

The victim's mother tells Fox 41's Stephan Johnson, "I knew something's not right."  And speaking of her son, she says, "He's mentally disabled -- he's on the borderline."

Bullitt County police say for the past year 48-year-old Ricky Barr has been sodomizing and molesting the woman's 16-year-old son. 

The woman says Barr befriended the family a few years ago and hired her son to do odd jobs.  But instead of putting him to work and paying the teenager, the mother says, "My son would come home, he would be tired."

The woman says Barr was getting her son high and molesting him inside his home on Big Valley Drive in Bullitt County.  She says she asked her son, "I'm like, why are you sleeping so much?

Soon a family friend warned her about Barr and that's when she confronted her son:  "And my son broke down and told me that Rick Barr sexually molested him."

The woman then called police, who questioned Barr at his home last week and charged him for cultivating marijuana.  But Wednesday morning, Barr was arrested and charged with rape and sodomy.  Det. Scotty McGaha of the Bullitt Co. Police says, "We now believe that there was several sex acts that took place....We know now that it went back as far as maybe at 15 years old."

Meanwhile, before he was arrested, the victim's mother also confronted Barr:  "I said I appreciate you taking me to take my dog to the vet.  I said but what I don't appreciate is you getting my son stoned and you sexually molesting him."

Police suspect there could be more victims.