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Boy takes action over neighborhood speeding

Concern over speeders in one Louisville neighborhood has led an 11 year old boy to take action.

The Stone Lakes neighborhood is considering installing speed humps, but the measure is still undecided.

11 year old Landon Wilburn started using a toy radar gun just to see how fast cars were traveling. A month later, his actions have turned him into a bit of a neighborhood watchdog.

It started with a yard sale and a trade. A compact disc in exchange for a toy radar gun.

"From there it just kind of snowballed," said Julie Wilburn, Landon's mother.

"I just really like cops and it's really cool to just see how fast people are going in this neighborhood," said Landon.

11 year old Landon Wilburn dreams of becoming a police officer.

"Stone Lakes drive really gets the speeders big time. I mean it really has been a big problem," said Julie Wilburn.

So this future cop decided to start his own traffic beat. And when he's on the job, he needs all the essentials. An orange safety vest he got from his father. The helmet is his own.

His mode of transportation: a bicycle equipped with the radar gun.

His work started a month ago, and so far, he's tracked 200 cars.

Sometimes his work is a deterrent.

"They saw this toy radar gun out there and I think they saw that and I think people actually stopped or slowed down, jolted their car," said Brian Wilburn, Landon's father.

Some are unfazed and others even ask.

Landon's goal is simple: "Just to make cars go a little bit slower because they go fast through here and that's how wrecks happen."

Stone Lakes is considering adding speed humps in an effort to curb speeders. But ask Landon what he thinks about it.

"I think we need speed humps but I think I'm still doing good," said Landon.

A traffic study conducted last year found there were enough speeders in the neighborhood to warrant the speed humps. A petition is now underway to approve the measure.

If anything, Landon is drawing attention to himself and a larger issue.

"He goes out there and people think he is a policeman," said Councilman Stuart Benson.

Perhaps someday he will be.

Councilman Stuart Benson says 70% of the residents living on Stone Lakes Drive have to approve the installation of four speed humps. Right now the proposal has received mixed reviews.

In the meantime, Landon Wilburn continues to make his presence known.

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