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Cyclists and cars learn to share the road

Neighbors say a UPS employee killed while riding his bicycle to work this morning was a single father. 42 year old Vance Kokojan was hit by a car on Outer Loop near Minors Lane.

You can find bike lanes in parts of Louisville, but most city streets don't have them, so cars and bicycles must share the road. And today, that led to a deadly accident.

Vance Kokojan lost his life while trying to save money by riding his bicycle, instead of burning expensive gas, driving a car. Metro police say a Honda Accord tried to pass a semi-truck and hit Kokojan from behind. Other bicyclists are sad about his death.

"Cyclists need to also understand that it is them against the car, and most often, or if not always, they're going to lose," said Joe Sohm

Joe Sohm owns Cycler's Cafe on Lexington Road. He says he's sold 20% more bicycles this year than the same time last year as gas prices have skyrocketed.

In both Kentucky and Indiana, bicyclists have the same rights as drivers on the road.

These cars are passing the bicycle correctly by moving into the next lane and not passing the bicyclist in his lane. Two bicyclists riding one in front of the other is legal. No more than two bicycles can ride side by side in the same lane. And bikers should wear reflective clothing and turn on flashing lights at night.

When you park your car on the side of the road, make sure you check your rear-view and side-view mirrors so you don't hit a bicyclist, when you open the door because sometimes it's harder to spot a bicycle than a car.

Carl Thomas knows he should not be riding his bicycle on the sidewalk.

"I follow the rules most of the time, but like it's a really busy street. But I've got a horn and a bell. And I figured I could get people's attention, get them to move," said Thomas, a bicyclist.

Carl says drivers don't always respect cyclists.

"Last time, I was just riding down Bardstown Road, I got hit by a bottle. The people told me to get off the road," said Thomas.

But Carl says bikers also are guilty of breaking the rules.

"Bikers generally, I guess, don't obey traffic laws as much as other people do," said Thomas.

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