A two-year-old boy is dead following a tragic accident at T-ball practice.  Those involved are calling this nothing short of a tragic accident.

The two-year-old, Henry Berlin, was struck in the chest by a baseball bat during by another four-year-old just prior to the start of T-ball practice Tuesday evening.  The blunt force trauma caused cardiac arrhythmia.

YMCA T-ball practice for four and five-year olds was just about to begin at the Springdale Sports Fields Tuesday evening when the unthinkable occurred.

Steve Tarver, the CEO of the YMCA of Greater Louisville, says, "The two-year-old boy was struck in the chest by a baseball bat accidently by a four-year-old and obviously did not survive that trauma."

The crew from the Anchorage Fire Department was second to arrive.  By then, bystanders and paramedics from Harrod's Creek Fire Department had already started CPR.

Anchorage Chief Walter Lage says, "They were already starting to work on the child, and we assisted them and then they passed it off to us and we took the child to the hospital."

The two-year-old boy was pronounced dead at Kosair Children's Hospital.  There were eight or ten families nearby when the incident happened.

YMCA CEO Steve Tarver says the incident will abruptly end the season for the T-ball team.  "This team will not play any more games.  They had two or three games left in their season, and so we are going to try to be in touch with the team to use some of that time for some healing and make some counseling available to them should they choose to participate in that."

A family friend says the family does not want to get into the specifics of exactly how this incident happened, but they have set up a memorial fund for two-year-old Henry Berlin."

Tarver says, "We think this is a freak and very tragic accident.  We certainly will take a look at the entire scenario and see what we have to learn from that and if there are policy changes in order, then we will certainly make them."

Counselors will be made available for team members, bystanders, and members of the family.  A chaplain was called in Tuesday evening for the first responders who assisted at the scene.

Chief Lage says, "It's rather disheartening and disappointing.  This is what they train for and it didn't work out -- that combined with a small child, it hurts a little, yeah."

The Berlin family released a statement Wednesday afternoon thanking the community for all the support and prayers.

A memorial fund has been set up for two-year-old Henry Berlin at any PNC bank location.