It could've caused a serious accident or even death.  Police are investigating whether someone was throwing rocks at cars on a local interstate.

It's difficult for police to find who is responsible for the crime.  It was dark Wednesday morning, so no one saw who was possibly throwing rocks.  And police have no suspects.

The Gene Snyder Freeway near Dixie Highway is a busy interstate where cars drive fast.  But driving to work for Doug Alvey proved to be dangerous.  At 70 miles per hour, his truck was hit by something.

Glass shattered and he was sprayed with shards.  Louisville Metro Police are investigating cases where blunt objects, possibly rocks, were thrown at cars.

It was dark at 5 a.m., so that's why Alvey says he didn't see anyone actually throw the rocks from the side of the interstate.  He says he didn't understand what happened at first.

Two officers did patrol the area, but no suspects have been found.  And Alvey has this message for whoever caused all this damage to his truck -- that they might think they're having fun, but actually they could ruin someone's life permanently.

Police say the suspects could face a criminal mischief charge, or possibly a felony if someone had gotten hurt.

Alvey has filed a police report, and he's hoping people catch the person or people responsible for the mess.

Alvey now plans to fix his car and window himself, hoping to save a little money.