It was suppose to be a routine practice Tuesday evening for four and five year olds at the YMCA-sponsored event. In a tragic flash, it turned so horrible for everyone on the field at the Springdale Community Church.

"No one plans to bury their child at age two. They feel like their heart was ripped out," said Jennifer Perez, a family friend.

The t-ball practices continued on the fields of the Springdale Community Church Wednesday evening with everyone well-aware of what happened Tuesday evening, during the YMCA-coached event. Two year old Henry William Berlin was killed.

"It's hard you know? You can't justify anybody passing away, but a child at age 2. He was just know learning how to ride a bike, or potty trained. This child really hasn't had a chance to live," said Perez.

Berlin was killed; struck in the chest by a baseball bat.

In a sad twist, it was his four year old sister swinging the bat during the t-ball practice. Some believe Henry William somehow wandered on the field, saw his sister, and wanted to get closer. According to the coroner, the cause of death was blunt force trauma to the chest and that caused cardiac arrhythmia.

"CPR had been administered by some bystanders and EMS arrived, at which point they took over," said Steve Tarver, YMCA CEO.

This evening, the northeast branch of the YMCA brought in counselors to help their staff and families who witnessed the horrible tragedy, and there was a prayer service at the Springdale Community Church.

"It totally tore everybody up. We've had people supporting us we didn't even know. People were just coming by while we were walking or going into a store, and coming to hug us. That's pretty much the best support we could have, lots of prayers," said Perez.

The funeral service for Berlin is planned for 10 a.m., Friday, at the Christ Church United Methodist on Brownsboro Road.