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Road Rage Roulette (7/24/08)

Road Rage Roulette (7/24/08)

By now, everyone already knows about the road rage dispute in Jeffersonville that led to the shooting of a motorcyclist and the indictment of the driver who fired the shot.

I wasn't there and could never know what was honestly going through the heads of these people, so I don't have any answers as to why this incident happened. But I do have questions.


Had the driver of the car been a large man instead of a woman, how likely is it the motorcyclist would have even gotten off his bike to confront him?

Had things been reversed, and a large black man had been angrily approaching a car driven by a white woman who then shot him, which one would be facing charges?

And how many of us unknowingly come within a whisker of finding ourselves in the same kind of tragic situation every day?

Think about it - in 2008 America you really have to be crazy to get belligerent with a total stranger who's already demonstrated unpredictable, erratic behavior behind the wheel. Within the past year alone, two area drivers have learned that the hard way by getting shot for their trouble.

Yes, the roads are full of irresponsible, dangerous boneheads. But "getting even" is the knee-jerk response of a child - not the rational behavior of an adult. 

Best to shrug it off, let the police deal with the idiots (and they will, eventually), and go on with your life.

That's a lot better than going on without it.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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